Recycling Brokers

Georgia Recycling Solutions partners with national brokers to service clients in the Atlanta area.

With our ability to handle a wide variety of paper, plastics, and other miscellaneous materials, GRS is the perfect partner for your local needs.

We accommodate true 30-day payment terms and facilitate revenue-splitting, maintaining full transparency with our partners and their clients.

Equipment services are also available. 

Distribution Centers & 3PL

Save on waste hauling expenses or compactors and recycle mixed bales together.

At Georgia Recycling Solutions, we are committed to helping our partners reduce logistics costs through inclusive hauling services.

GRS provides separate balers for OCC and other materials, making it easier to divert materials from landfills and trim transportation costs.

Relocation Services/Movers

Simplify relocation and eliminate trash disposal expenses with the help of Georgia Recycling Solutions.

GRS is equipped to handle mixed bales of OCC, paper, plastics, and other miscellaneous materials.

Recycle all of your materials in a single compacter and still receive a great rebate.

Furniture and Appliance Installers

Recycle nearly 100 percent of packaging materials used during installation and eliminate trash disposal fees.

Georgia Recycling Solutions offers OCC, paper, and plastics recycling services to help our partners save money and operate more sustainably.

Let GRS develop a comprehensive plan that meets your needs and pleases customers.

We can also make arrangements for drop-offs.

Food Services

Reduce waste disposal expenses with the expertise of Georgia Recycling Solutions.

With more than 20 years of experience serving the food industry, GRS understands the strict health codes and USDA standards food companies contend with and the need for specialized recycling programs.

GRS identifies and recycles materials other companies ignore, such as obsolete packaging and specialized products.

Don’t settle for OCC recycling, when we can help you remove buckets, plastic-lined ingredient bags, and other plastics from your waste stream.

Hauling Companies

Companies handling OCC compacters, look no further than Georgia Recycling Solutions for processing.

We offer above standard rates and provide detailed accounting of weights and pricing.

As a trusted partner, we guarantee full transparency and superior service.


Capture materials going into your waste stream with one of Georgia Recycling Solutions’ specialized programs.

Engineered to meet the unique needs of large-scale manufacturing operations, GRS develops and implements custom recycling programs to keep raw materials and packaging out of landfills.