Sustainability should be easy.

GRS believes that for recycling programs to be effective, they need to be easy, cost effective, and measurable.

Our solutions are tailored to your business' unique needs. We focus on creating revenue opportunities while cutting traditional disposal fees. Our partners receive clear and concise sustainability reporting that can be shared throughout their organizations.

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Implement recycling programs without losing sight of what’s most important – your core workflow.

We recognize that production is what keeps your business running, and recycling programs can't get in the way. Our recycling solutions are designed to enhance productivity, not hold it back. GRS will evaluate where recycling fits into your workflow.

Businesses that participate in Green Initiatives should have something to show for it.

We believe that your recycling data belongs to you, and you should have access to green metrics. GRS tracks data on all materials delivered and provides monthly sustainability reporting to all partners. This reporting can be tailored to meet the needs of all your companies stakeholders, from CFOs, to ESG Committees, to Shift Supervisors.

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Single Stream Recycling

Georgia Recycling Solutions was established to provide businesses with a comprehensive approach to their recycling needs. Unlike big, impersonal national companies that only pick up your cardboard, GRS provides multiple options for most of your materials (Styrofoam, Cardboard, & Plastics). Once we partner with you, we will never refuse to accept materials due to weak market conditions.

Cardboard / Corrugated Containers

Georgia Recycling Solutions provides custom OCC recycling programs designed to meet the specific needs of our partners. Full and partial collection and processing services are available to accommodate your labor and volume needs.

We spot trailers for baling operations and arrange logistics for in-house operations. Sorting, baling, and logistics coordination services are offered to those seeking a more comprehensive, labor-inclusive solution.

For qualifying volumes, balers and compacters are also available.

Upon request, GRS accepts a combination of OCC and other select materials such as EPS, LDPE, and other plastics.

Plastic Foam / EPS

Using the most advanced technology and machinery, Georgia Recycling Solutions densifies EPS, commonly known as Styrofoam, for reprocessing. In 2023, GRS recycled more than 1,000 tons of Expanded Polystyrene.

Recycling EPS is less expensive than landfill disposal and, due its light weight, we encourage our partners to include it as a part of larger recycling programs. GRS is the premier EPS recycler in the Greater Atlanta Area and we are able to offer the most cost effective EPS recycling solutions in North Georgia.


At Georgia Recycling Solutions, we recycle several types of post-production plastics, including LDPE, most forms of HDPE and PP.

By offering competitive rebates, recycling plastics with GRS is a cost-effective alternative to landfill disposal fees. Rebate structure varies by grade.

Materials we accept include:
• Acrylic
• Virgin resin
• Ethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE)
• Polycarbonate
• Polypropylene
• Reprocessed pellets
• Styrene (HIPS, GPPS)
• GRS accepts baled, unbaled, and mixed loads of plastic and other materials, such as OCC and EPS


For those miscellaneous materials other recyclers won't touch, Georgia Recycling Solutions has the answer.

From steel and plastic 55-gallon drums to plastic-lined ingredient bags, we can handle it.

With a bit of creativity, GRS will find a home for your materials.